Say Hello to Our New Marketing Leader, Baochi! 1

Baochi Nguyen

I’m excited to welcome Baochi (rhymes with “grouchy”) Nguyen to the IDG Ventures team as VP of Marketing and Market Development. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Baochi on a project basis for several years and decided we want a lot more of her time. Between her consulting projects for us, two of our portfolio companies stole her for full-time gigs as Acting VP Marketing: Krux (Data Management Platform, acquired by Salesforce) and SimplyHired (job search engine, acquired by Indeed).

Baochi has a breadth of marketing experience across B2B and B2C technology companies, most notably at startups in which she held leadership roles during IPO and acquisition events.

Her expertise spans product marketing, customer acquisition/retention, content marketing, social media, PR/AR, branding, and sales enablement. She has an affinity for designing and implementing martech and automation solution stacks. And we especially value her data-driven approach to marketing strategy and ROI. Baochi has a Bachelor and a Master’s degree from Stanford University, where she was captain of the Division I field hockey team and the recipient of the Arthur Ashe scholar-athlete award.

Beyond her professional achievements, Baochi’s immigrant background is fascinating––and representative of the American ethos of opportunity and entrepreneurship that we highly value at IDG Ventures (half of our portfolio companies were founded by immigrants). At age three, Baochi and her family escaped Vietnam by boat, journeying from Thailand to France to the U.S. And the rest is history.

I’m a big believer in serendipity. Years before we met, Baochi worked at OQO for CEO Jay Shiveley, a remarkable software executive who sadly passed away way early, and whom I had the honor of recruiting to my prior venture capital firm.

Baochi will lead a number of IDG Ventures’ marketing initiatives, including: communications and PR, content strategy, marketing support to portfolio companies, and our C-Suite Advisory Summit events, which bring CMOs and CIOs of large enterprises with founders within and outside our portfolio.

Those of you who are part of the IDG Ventures community will no doubt experience Baochi’s relentless, results-driven energy. We look forward to Baochi’s contribution and hope that another startup does not steal her from us too soon. Connect with Baochi on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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